12 April 2016

How I Prepare For Exams & Revision Tips

I'm currently studying in my final year of high school and with less than three months left I'll be finished for good (finally) but it's quite scary how fast the exams have crept around.

Throughout the whole exam period I believe staying organised is key and I know almost every blogger says how they love being organised and have a big love for stationary and you're probably sick of seeing these types of posts but personally I can't get enough of them. I can never jump straight into revision without planning ahead first. At this point I have finally figured out what revision styles work best for me and so I wanted to share my tips on how I cope with the exam period.

1. TIMETABLE/SCHEDULE: Be sure to gather all the dates of your exams and note these down on a calendar and even your phone. Use apps or planners to map out what subjects you need to revise, what topics and when you can revise.

2. BREAKS: Your brain can only handle so much so taking breaks helps give your brain a slight recharge. I usually like to revise for an hour at each time with 10 - 15 minute breaks in between. In this time I will fuel up, watch some YouTube videos or even have a quick power nap (just make sure it doesn't turn into anything longer). Also it's useful to take a break away from your revision space, have a walk and maybe even interact with other humans.

3. SLEEP: I never think it's a good idea to do all nighters. Your brain needs the rest. I know I can never concentrate past 9pm and so this is where I end my days revision. Try to get a minimum of 6-8 hours sleep each night and sleep at sensible hours too. That way you'll be able to have early starts and feel refreshed ready for the next day.

4. FUEL YOUR BRAIN: I always make sure I have water by me at all times as I find that it keeps me more awake and refreshed. I also think that having a good breakfast can help loads too and can lead you to start your day of right. During your revision breaks, take the time to have a snack, preferably something healthy such as fruit, cereal bars or even smoothies.

5. HOW I LIKE TO REVISE/REVISION TECHNIQUES: Firstly, I like to gather the syllabus for each subject, often my teachers will provide me with these or they can be found online. I then like to use my class notes and textbooks to make a more condensed version of notes. I have a file for each subject in which I keep all my notes, I find that it's easier to move things around or add things if you put notes in a file. I obviously use lots of highlighters to highlight key points. I then use these notes to constantly draw out mind maps with condensed information, flash cards with definitions or dates or even just memorizing them para fashion (this worked better for GCSE where there wasn't as much information to learn). An important tip I've learnt is to go through as many past papers as you can and keep going over and over them. Usually similar question are repeated each year and the hardest part for me is applying my knowledge into and exam style question. Past papers can be found on your exam boards websites.

6. FINALLY: It's okay if you want to take a full day off from revision. It's healthy for your mind to take some time off, socialise and have fun or just have a lazy day binge watching your favourite TV show (at the moment mines Made in Chelsea). It doesn't always have to be revision, revision, revision. As long as you've balanced your time correctly, there's no harm in taking time of for yourself. I know the exam period can seem very daunting, it can drag at times and there will be days where all you want to do is stay in bed. However, I think it's so worthwhile putting some time and effort in the first time. Maybe set yourself a goal or plan something that you can look forward to after your exams have finished.

I hope you've found this post useful, do you have any more tips? Also, good luck for the rest of the school year if you're still in school!

- Summer xo


  1. This is a great post doll !! Just what I needed before my finals. You gave some good tips. x :)

  2. Such helpful tips! Totally agree with taking breaks. I have to revise for 20 mins and then break. I have such a short attention span!! Xx

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. Thank you! And yes breaks are essential but sometimes if I've really got stuck into revising then I will skip breaks x

  3. Great tips! they're very helpful! thanks for sharing :)

    these products look great and sounds amazing! I would love to try these:) Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

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