25 April 2016

My Everyday School Makeup

Even though I'm in my last year of high school and I have quite a lot of free lessons on my timetable, I still find myself in school for what feels like 24/7. Sometimes I don't really bother with makeup, or maybe I'll just use a small bit of concealer and powder. On the days I do wear makeup, it is still kept to a minimum, but I thought I'd share with you what I throw onto my face most days.

Eye Cream - Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream
I tend to get dry patches underneath my eyes and so I never skip applying eye cream if I'm going to be wearing makeup that day.

I was suing a Soap and Glory Moisturiser but I switched to this. It has SPF 15 which is good considering the sun has been making an appearance more. It also has a beauty favourite ingredient, of glycerin.

I was using The Body Shop primer but I switched to this as it was a new release and I wanted something that would mateify the more oilier areas of my face.

Foundation - Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water 
I struggle to find my perfect foundation but for now this does the job. I'd say it's a light coverage but can be build-able, it also feels very lightweight on my skin and contains SPF 30.

The first concealer I use underneath my eyes as it's nice and lightweight. The second concealer I use on any spots I want to cover.

I was using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but I really wanted to try this. I think it does a great job of matifying my face but without the powder look. 

I'm obsessed with this palette, the shades are all so beautiful and I kind of just use a mixture of all of them to bronze my face and to add a blush colour. I really want to try the coral version of this palette.

I use the highlight shade from this kit as it is not too glittery, it gives a nice sheen to the face and there's never any risk of over applying it. I use highlight as it makes me look more awake and fresh.

Brows - NYC Kohl Eyebrow/ Eyliner
I bought this so long ago, my eyebrows are very full and so I just use this on the very sparse areas.

I can never use just one mascara on it's own. These are both new purchases and my first time using them, I love the combination of these both together.

This lip balm last for so long and is so moisturing.

Lipgloss - Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker 'Rose & Shine'
If I do feel like applying anything else to my lips it's usually lip gloss, something quite natural and pink in colour.

Have you used any of these products? Are there any other makeup products I should incorporate into my daily routine?

- Summer xo

12 April 2016

How I Prepare For Exams & Revision Tips

I'm currently studying in my final year of high school and with less than three months left I'll be finished for good (finally) but it's quite scary how fast the exams have crept around.

Throughout the whole exam period I believe staying organised is key and I know almost every blogger says how they love being organised and have a big love for stationary and you're probably sick of seeing these types of posts but personally I can't get enough of them. I can never jump straight into revision without planning ahead first. At this point I have finally figured out what revision styles work best for me and so I wanted to share my tips on how I cope with the exam period.

1. TIMETABLE/SCHEDULE: Be sure to gather all the dates of your exams and note these down on a calendar and even your phone. Use apps or planners to map out what subjects you need to revise, what topics and when you can revise.

2. BREAKS: Your brain can only handle so much so taking breaks helps give your brain a slight recharge. I usually like to revise for an hour at each time with 10 - 15 minute breaks in between. In this time I will fuel up, watch some YouTube videos or even have a quick power nap (just make sure it doesn't turn into anything longer). Also it's useful to take a break away from your revision space, have a walk and maybe even interact with other humans.

3. SLEEP: I never think it's a good idea to do all nighters. Your brain needs the rest. I know I can never concentrate past 9pm and so this is where I end my days revision. Try to get a minimum of 6-8 hours sleep each night and sleep at sensible hours too. That way you'll be able to have early starts and feel refreshed ready for the next day.

4. FUEL YOUR BRAIN: I always make sure I have water by me at all times as I find that it keeps me more awake and refreshed. I also think that having a good breakfast can help loads too and can lead you to start your day of right. During your revision breaks, take the time to have a snack, preferably something healthy such as fruit, cereal bars or even smoothies.

5. HOW I LIKE TO REVISE/REVISION TECHNIQUES: Firstly, I like to gather the syllabus for each subject, often my teachers will provide me with these or they can be found online. I then like to use my class notes and textbooks to make a more condensed version of notes. I have a file for each subject in which I keep all my notes, I find that it's easier to move things around or add things if you put notes in a file. I obviously use lots of highlighters to highlight key points. I then use these notes to constantly draw out mind maps with condensed information, flash cards with definitions or dates or even just memorizing them para fashion (this worked better for GCSE where there wasn't as much information to learn). An important tip I've learnt is to go through as many past papers as you can and keep going over and over them. Usually similar question are repeated each year and the hardest part for me is applying my knowledge into and exam style question. Past papers can be found on your exam boards websites.

6. FINALLY: It's okay if you want to take a full day off from revision. It's healthy for your mind to take some time off, socialise and have fun or just have a lazy day binge watching your favourite TV show (at the moment mines Made in Chelsea). It doesn't always have to be revision, revision, revision. As long as you've balanced your time correctly, there's no harm in taking time of for yourself. I know the exam period can seem very daunting, it can drag at times and there will be days where all you want to do is stay in bed. However, I think it's so worthwhile putting some time and effort in the first time. Maybe set yourself a goal or plan something that you can look forward to after your exams have finished.

I hope you've found this post useful, do you have any more tips? Also, good luck for the rest of the school year if you're still in school!

- Summer xo

4 April 2016

A Berry Tasty Smoothie Recipe

(that title pun though)

For over a year I have been obsessed with smoothies, although I haven't made many recently, I used to have one just about every single day last summer. They're so delicious, refreshing and filling. I find that it's an easy way to pack in your 5 a day as it seems a lot easier to have fruit or veg in a drink form instead. I usually switch between making a berry smoothie or a green smoothie (let me know if you'd like a recipe for this). I used to always use fresh fruit but it's much easier having frozen fruit too as it lasts a lot longer. You can obviously adapt this to suit your taste and you all probably know the endless health benefits of the ingredients so I wont go through that. I normally have a smoothie for breakfast or I take it to school and I even drink it as an after gym snack. This particular blender that I use is the Breville Blend Active and comes at a great affordable price. 

What you'll need:

A blender
1 Banana
A handful of muesli/ oats
A handful of frozen berries
A handful of frozen mango & pineapple
Juice of 1 lemon or lime
Water/ Coconut water

Throw everything into the blender, blend away and you're done. Easy!

Let me know what your favourite smoothie recipe is!

- Summer xo

20 March 2016

My Sephora Wishlist

I've literally been obsessed with wanting to go to Sephora ever since I began watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. It's like a museum that every beauty lover must visit during their life. I'm lucky enough to finally get to go whilst on holiday in Dubai. I want to be prepared and buy stuff that I've been wanting for ages or can't get in the UK and so I put together this wishlist of Sephora products. There's only a few items right now but I'm still re watching loads of Sephora related videos and going through the website to see if there are any other things that I would like to pick up. 

Sephora Wishlist

Sephora Wishlist 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Do you have and like any of the products above? Are there any other products I should by whilst at Sephora?

- Summer xo

29 February 2016

Best Dressed: Oscars 2016

Sunday 28th of February saw the 88th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. I've honestly been waiting so long for this, it's probably my favourite award show as I love the fashion and I was
also really eager to see if it was finally going to be Leo's year and that he'd win an Oscar (which he did!). I'n this post I want to share with you my favourite looks from the Oscars 2016 and there are also a few Vanity Fair after party looks too. You can also check out some of the other posts from the Best Dressed series here.

Charlize Theron // Sophie Turner // Julianne Moore

Rachel McAdams // Saoirse Ronan // Kate Hudson (after party)

Elizabeth Banks (after party) // Olivia Wilde // Lady Gaga

Jennifer Lawrence ( after party ) // Brie Larson // Jennifer Lawrence 

I have to that these three looks were my favourite and I'm also so happy that Brie won an award.

What was your favourite look from the evening?

- Summer xo

3 February 2016

Harry Potter Studio Tour

This post doesn't really need an introduction as I presume everyone is very familiar with the Harry Potter series and many of you may have already visited the studios. After ages since this first opened, I finally got to tour the whole Harry Potter experience. I visited back in December and the whole atmosphere was so Christmassy and magical and I'm so thankful for my parents for taking me. In this post I want to share with you some of my favourite pictures I took whilst there, which I had to narrow down from hundreds! I hope you enjoy!

Also I would like to add how sad it was to hear about the death of Alan Rickman. Many of the tributes I read or heard were beautiful. Alan's portrayal of Snape was perfectly carried out and he will be dearly missed. 

Have you been to the studios before? What's your favourite Harry Potter film? Who are your favourtie Harry Potter characters?

- Summer xo

25 January 2016

Birthday Wishlist 2016: Turning 18

Birthday Wishlist 2016

On February 10th I finally turn 18. I unlikely that I'll feel a difference straight away but I'm not really quite sure what to expect. I doubt I'll be doing much for my birthday this year, every idea I have seems to bore me or is not as easily accessible as I'd like. Yes, this birthday wishlist is a bit extreme price wise, but I do not expect to have all the items, or even one for that matter. I just think it's nice to put a list together just in case and if I ever manage to save up money and not spend it, these are the products I'd most likely spend it on. I hope you enjoy this post and if you're interested, be sure to check out last years birthday wishlist here

What's the best way you have ever celebrated your birthday?

- Summer xo

13 January 2016

Farfetch Workout Style Competition

Farfetch Workout Style

Farfetch Workout Style 

(This image was created using Polyvore)

New year new me, right?

The new year usually indicates a fresh start, new begins and opportunities to leave old habits behind and make new ones. Last year I managed to start incorporating exercise and a more healthier diet into my everyday lifestyle. It's easier said than done. Truthfully, I was never very consistent with it at all. However, I'm leaving that all behind me and just like every other person, I've set myself a few health and fitness goals for 2016 and what better way to kick start these goals than with a bit of shopping to build up a selection of workout outfits. I definitely think having stylish yet comfy workout gear will make you more motivated and confident whilst exercising. I already have a few pieces but that doesn't mean I can't still look.

'Farfetch is a global community of over 300 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers.'

I love the idea of this website as it incorporates well known brands and hard to reach brands all under one website, making for an easier shopping experience. Farfetch have created a workout style competition, allowing 'fashion forward bloggers to take on a challenge and style the perfect workout outfit look that will help you achieve your goals - and give you the chance to win a £250 Farfetch voucher'. I thought I'd get involved as I've never entered a competition like this before.

I've devised my own workout style and links to each item are below or you can check out the Farfetch website here.

DKNY diamond pattern racerback style cropped top : It's essential to wear a sports bra whilst working out to ensure you're getting full support. I like this one in particular as it is plain, simple and can be worn with any other workout style.

Stella Mccartney gold detail leggings : I prefer wearing leggings over joggers or shorts as they are very lightweight and I'm able to move around more in them. I chose this pair as black will go with anything but I love the gold detail.

Nike 'Juvenate TXT' sneakers : Trainers are an essential for working out and it's important to make sure they fit you well and are also comfortable. Nike is a brand I can trust and they have a selection of styles to help you find your perfect fit. These trainers I picked out are all black and are great for both a workout and casual wear.

T by Alexander Wang zip bomber jacket : The weather is never great here and so to keep warm I always throw on a hoodie and jacket. I love this bomber jacket, it fits with the style and can be worn casually too.

Moschino quilted cap : I feel as though everyone is wearing caps recently. This Moschino one is very stylish and bold, matches the gold detail on the leggings and is great for covering that post workout hair.

Moschino chain embellished backpack : Bags are great for carrying your essentials. I love the gold chains and quilting on this backpack and it also fits well with the black and gold colour scheme.

FRENDS headphones : These headphones aren't on the Farfetch site, however, it's impossible to workout without headphones and I've been lusting after this pair for so long. I think they would be perfect to block out any noise and keep you focused on your workout goals.

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post. These items may be out of my budget range right now but would definitely be something I'd purchase if I were to treat myself. Where are your favourite places to buy workout gear from?

- Summer xo

10 January 2016

The Body Shop: Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask (Review)

Happy new year everyone! I haven't posted in so long because of school and life in general but I really want to get back into it as I really do enjoy it.

This product has been such a life saver for me and has become even more useful after the holiday period because of all the junk I was eating which began to make my skin more problematic.

The Body Shop is a huge favourite of many and in 2015 I made an attempt to try a lot more of their products, one being The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Face Mask. This product claims to draw out impurities, clarify and refresh the skin, which I 100% agree on. It's also one of The Body Shop's best sellers.

Priced at £14.00 for 100ml this is definitely worth the money as a little goes a long way!

I tend to use this product whenever I have a lot of spots on my face or when my face feels unclean or clogged as this product deeply cleanses your skin. When I do use it I apply a small amount to my forehead, nose, chin and slightly on my cheeks. I leave the product on until I can see that the mask has dried up and my face is too stiff to move and then I wash it off with warm water. Another way I find great to apply this is directly on to any spots you have which you can then leave on over night and wash off the next day as this product seriously reduces the size of any spots.

I've tried a few other products from this range and you can see my thoughts in this post here.

Have you tried this clay mask? What are some of your favourite The Body Shop purchases?

-Summer xo