5 September 2015

What's New?

Long time no blog...

The last time I posted was back in March! Six months later and I'm back again. I've really missed blogging and reading other blogs and although I had the whole of the summer holidays to get back to this I choose now to start again, as soon as I'm going back to school. 

Sadly not so many exciting things have happened since March. I finished my first year of sixth form and I now how one more year left in school and I'm so excited to finally be thinking about university and everything that comes with that. I am slightly stressed however, on the application side to it all and actually picking a course to study which I haven't yet decided on but I've been trying to read and watch plenty of university related things. I go back to school on Monday and I might be slightly too excited to use all my new stationary. 

Back in May I got myself a new phone and decided to switch to the iPhone 6 which I really like so far, although I do miss the big screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which was also a great phone and a perfect size for watching endless amounts of YouTube videos on and even Netflix at times.

At the end of April I got myself my very first job but as it's my last year in school I decided I wanted to focus on that and so just last week I left that job, I didn't really stick to it for that long but at least I had the experience.

One week after my exams I headed to Morocco with my family which was so amazing and I'll be sharing a few of my favourite photos from that trip with you soon! 

Earlier this week I booked tickets to see Hozier in February and I'm so excited for that!! Let me know what songs of his you love listening to if any. 

That's all for now, I do have a few posts in mind that I'll try and work on as I really want to keep this a regular thing!

- Summer x