8 March 2015

Current Most Played Songs

My Spotify Playlist pretty much consists of Coldplay, Hozier, Tom Odell and Mumford&Son's albums and has been the only music I've listened to. However, I did try listening to some current music that's out now except I don't seem to like much of it. These are just a few of the songs I've been loving recently.
  1. Coldplay- Shiver
  2. Coldplay - Warning sign
  3. Coldplay- Trouble
  4. Hozier- In A Week
  5. James Bay- Hold Back The River
  6. Beyoncé- Crazy In Love
  7. Sam Smith- I'm Not The Only One
  8. Popdanthology 2014 
  9. Ariana Grande- One Last Time
  10. Nick Jonas- Jealous
What songs have you been listening to lately?


1 March 2015

Umberto Giannini: Haircare

Back to a few days after boxing day I headed over to Boots to check out what things they still had left and I managed to grab the last of the Umberto Giannini hair set in the first picture above for only £8!. Inside came a voucher for money off Umberto Giannini products and so not too long ago I went back and purchased the products in the second picture. I'm just going to get straight to it and say that I LOVE these products! I adore the packaging and the product itself is just as good. Most of the products in this brand are around the £6 price which isn't bad at all! There are a number of different ranges such as products for curly hair, shiny hair and frizzy hair. The curly and frizzy products appealed to me most because that's the state of my hair pretty much all the time. Note, that these products all have a smell to them, I really like the smell and I don't find it to be too overpowering.

1. Curl Friends: Pure Curls Detangling Shampoo 

'This gently cleansing and detangling shampoo will de-frizz, smooth and tame curly. Specially formulated with conditioning Polymers to give an anti-static effect resulting in glossy, frizz free finish' 

Personally I only like to use shampoos targeted for dandruff, My favourite one is from The Body Shop. I felt that my hair was more greasy than glossy and out of all of the products, this is my least favourite.

2. Curl Friends: Bouncy Curls Curl Enhancing Conditioner

'This smoothing and detangling conditioner contains styler polymers to instantly de-frizz and tame for soft, silky, bouncy curls'

Overall I think this product pretty much worked the way it says it does, My hair definitely started to feel nicer after using this along with the other products

3. Curl Friends: Ultimate Curls Nourishing Oil

'Formulated with super rich coconut oil to norish thirsty, dry hair'

This would probably have to be my most favourite product, I love how it makes my hair feel. I apply this to towel dried hair from mid length to the ends of my hair and I think that it nourishes my hair well as my end were usually quite dry.

4. Curl Friends: Create A Curl Scrunching Jelly 

'Silicone free and with all day hold, it helps to enhance natural curls and create waves'

I haven't used this product very much as I don't really understand these sorts of products. However, the one time I did use this on damp hair, it definitely enhanced my curls and seem to add volume too. 

5. Beauty Secrets: Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

'Hydration is crucial for healthy looking hair'

This hydrated my hair so well as I used it when my end were feeling really dry. The next day I woke up with really soft ends which is something I haven't had in a very long time.

6. Beauty Secrets: Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream

'Imagine a moisturiser that adds texture, smootes frizz and slicks ends with a divne shine. This wonder cream gives that professional salon finish to all styles'

This is great for a touch up to the dryer areas of your hair, it leaves your hair hydrated and soft just like the overnight beauty moisture balm.

7. Frizzi: When Nothing Else Will Do Intense Recovery Mask With Argon Oil

'This luxurious mask will help repair and smooth damaged, rebellious hair'

I wash my hair twice a week so using a heavy product like this is fine. I love how this makes my hair feel. I agree that it does de-frizz my hair and the argon oil helps to keep my hair a little softer.

Let me know if you've tried anything from Umberto Giannini and if you haven't then let me know what your favourite haircare products are, especially if you have a frizzy, curly mess like mine!