29 July 2014

Mini Beauty Haul #1

Whilst shopping in Cardiff town the other day, I thought I was going to be heading home empty handed (which is very rare for me!), that was until I came across a new store called 'Beauty Studio by Superdrug' I was instantly intrigued as to what this could be so I headed straight for it, being the last store I went to I hoped to find some good pieces to take home with me.

The Beauty Studio by Superdrug is obviously new so I had to check it out, inside it was bright and organized very well, with beauty in one corner, skincare in another, hair products to another corner and perfume in the last corner. There was also a hair salon towards the back and in the middle was threading. I loved how easy it was to locate the products you were looking for. Unfortunately this store is exclusive to Cardiff but I'm sure it will expand to more places as it's a great concept.

I was so excited to see that they stocked Makeup Revolution, so first up we have the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Romantic Smoked for only £4! It comes with 6 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades mostly ranging from purple to silver/brown shades. I will definitely be picking up a few more of their palettes!

Also from Makeup Revolution we have a foundation primer at only £5. I haven't been one for primers but with this summer weather it would be quite useful to have one, although if I am wearing makeup I'm usually wearing a BB cream as it is way to hot for a full face of makeup!


Lastly we have this Sleek blush in pomegranate for only £4.49 something I have had my eye on for so long but for some reason I'd never pick it up in store but finally did. I love colours like pomegranate and cranberry, I think they're so pretty and probably more suited for autumn/winter but I couldn't resist! I think this is my first ever Seek product too even though I've always had a long wishlist of their products but as usual I never get round to buying any of them.

So there you have it, my first beauty haul. As you will begin to realise I do a lot of shopping, so expect many more hauls!

Have you been to the new Beauty Studio? What other Makeup Revolution products should I try out?


24 July 2014

XO XO... Gossip Girl

I honestly don't know where to start, my love for this show is endless. Want to know why I love this show so much? Carry on reading...

I never really showed any interest in the show, I always thought it was a show more for adults. That was until April time when I randomly decided that I'd watch Gossip Girl, so I headed straight over to Netflix and began watching all six seasons. I was totally hooked on the show, any chance I got I'd be watching it, which I soon realised was a huge mistake! At this point I was going back and forth between school, revising and taking my GCSE exams but the show was just way too distracting. I could probably write a whole novel on this show but I'll try to break it down for you all and keep it short but sweet.

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama based on the same titled book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. First aired September 19, 2007 this hit television series ended on December 17, 2012 after six successful seasons. Narrated by 'Gossip Girl' who is voiced by Kristen Bell, this series trails the lives of young adults living in Manhattan's Upper East Side in New York.

The show is filled with so many scandals, relationships, friendships, a lot of money spending, parties and other A list events to many secrets with a lot of rivalry and of course there's an 'it' girl but the ultimate question everyone wants to know is, who is Gossip Girl? The shows begins with the final years of the lives of a group of rich kids and as seasons progress they head of to university and eventually start their lives in the real world. However their lives revolve around the Gossip Girl blog which might not always have the best things to say about them. The group often have many theories on who Gossip Girl is and often have to go through a lot just to end back right where they started. The Gossip Girl site often breaks people apart causing feuds between one another. The annoying thing is that you don't really find out who Gossip Girl is until the last season but that just made me want to watch it even more. 

I absolutely love shows like this, I don't want to give to much away but if you enjoy watching shows such as 90210, The Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Lairs which all have very different plots but all still follow the lives of a group of teenagers then you'll love this show (not the best description but I hope you get what I mean)! One thing I love about this show is the wardrobe side to it all, as they are rich kids you always see them well dressed in all the latest fashion and designer clothing, even their school uniform is stylish. When it does come to events such as a masquerade balls, birthday parties, prom, weddings and many more, the men of the show are often found in suits whilst the women are dressed in the most beautiful dresses. Another love of mine is the different places in the world in which they shoot the show, from New York, LA to Paris and London and many more!

Out of all the outfits on the show this is by far my favourite, worn by Serena van der Woodsen at an event.

The cast list is amazing and there are so many characters in this show who I adore but I'm just going to let you know my favourites. First we have Leighton Meester who portrays the strong young woman Blair Waldorf. Next we have Ed Westwick as the very confident young business man/heart breaker Chuck Bass. I always thought Ed was American until I watched some interviews of him and well he's actually British and his British accent is just too much for me to handle, you seriously need to hear it! This ones a bit of an odd one but it's Zuzanna Szadkowski who plays Blair's house maid Dorota Kishlovsky who can be quite funny to watch at times. Finally we have Michelle Trachtenberg who plays the reoccurring role of Georgina Sparks, someone who stirs up a lot of trouble in the group when she is present but I love the bold choices she makes, she's such an interesting character to watch!

I feel as though this post has been all over the place, there's so much I could write but I obviously don't want this to be too long. Hopefully I'll get better at reviews. I hope in some way I've persuaded you to watch it if you already haven't because it is definitely a show worth watching. I'm actually debating whether to re watch it as my sister started watching it after I begged her to and now she loves it and has found herself in the same situation as I did and whenever she mentions it I find myself missing the show even more!

If you've watched the show let me know who your favourite character is and why. Also what do you love about the show? 


22 July 2014

Making A Statement

(side note: I'm not the best at photography but I hope to learn with practise, I've been reading a lot of helpful blog posts on photography such as Gwen McMullin photography tips!)

I am a huge lover of statement jewelry especially statement necklaces, I don't think I've gone an outfit without one! Worn casually or dressed up, they instantly pull an outfit together. In this post I'll show you seven of my favourite pieces.

First we have this silver piece form Zara, originally £25 however I managed to pick up in the sale for only £7.99, amazing right!? I love paring this with a plain long white top, leggings and a denim jacket. I often wear this casually such as shopping.

Next we have this tie up necklace, quite different to anything I've owned or have seen in store before. As I purchased this some time ago I can't remember the exact store but it was from Outfit so possibly Topshop or Miss Selfridge as I absolutely love the jewelry in both these shops.

I have lost count at the about of times I've worn this, it's so easy to throw on with any outfit especially on days when I like to dress more casual but still want to look well put together. This little gem is from H&M bought for around £8.

Featured in my clothing haul this Primark necklace cost only £4. This definitely screams festival to me with the gold leaves, they also had other colours in store too! 

Making quite the statement, I grabbed this for only £10 in the Zara sale. I'd pair this with a plain top as the necklace would be the main feature of the outfit. It's more likely that I'd wear this to a party or event instead of day to day.

I am in love with the pastel colours on this Primark Necklace for only £6. Pastels are always a popular trend in the summer time.

Finally we have this little guy, bought from Topshop last year. compared to the other it's not statement material however at the time I believed it to be a great accessory which I wore a lot throughout last summer.

So there you have it, my statement loves for this summer.

Which one was your favourite? What jewelry are you making a statement with this summer?


20 July 2014

Collective Clothing Haul #1

I admit that I'm a tad bit of a shopaholic, but who isn't? Enjoy the first of many hauls!

A change in seasons means a change in wardrobe, so of course at the first sign of warm, sunny weather a few months back I had to start shopping for summer clothes. Whilst shopping I looked for more summery shoes as I often find myself reaching for a comfy pair of converse. I also went on the hunt for a kimono, jumpsuit and printed trousers as these seem to be great summer stables this year and I find wearing tight fitted clothing like skinny jeans is never a good idea when it's hot especially in this British summer we've been blessed with! Most of these items I managed to grab in the sale so I won't be leaving links as they could very well be sold out unless you look in your local stores! However I still did do a bit of money damage so with that being said lets get on with this haul...                     


Kimono: Newlook

Blouse: Hollister (I'm obsessed with blouses!)

Top: River Island

Top: Zara

Top: Primark (I really love lace clothing/items)

Top: Zara (my fav purchase&it was in the sale, even better)

Jumpsuit: River Island

Bag: Primark

Bag: Ted Baker (both have been my summer go to bags)

Shoes: Primark

Shoes: River Island

Shoes: Zara (I'm in love with these shoes!)

Necklace (I am a statement necklace junkie): Zara

Necklace: Primark

Necklace: Primark

Earrings: Zara

Earrings: River Island (I was so happy i managed to get it for this price)

Let me know what you liked best? What shop do you think has had the best sale so far (I'm gonna go with Zara)? What will be your summer staple piece?


19 July 2014

First Post!

 Hello Blogging world and welcome to Owls In The Summer.

The name's Summer (yes like the season, I guess), I'm 16 and I live in Wales. I've currently just finished my GCSEs and still have a long summer ahead of me, so I thought why not use my time productively and finally start my very own blog!

Quite a while back I discovered a few instagram accounts full of all things fashion and beauty, shortly after I started reading blogs around this topic. I loved the idea of people being able to express their own opinion and show of their style with fashion and beauty and all things inbetween. After reading continuous amounts of blogs I thought I gained enough knowledge to put altogether into my own little blog. I intend to have fashion as my main focus but I'm slowly getting into the beauty world so expect to see a bit of that. As well as this I really want to include lifestyle pieces from film, t.v, or book reviews/favourites to just my lifestyle in general.

I'm not sure where this blog will end up but I hope to stick at it! I don't yet have a blogging schedule but i already have so many ideas so expect to see lots of new post!